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Here is a list of most frequently asked questions....If you don't see your question here, feel free to contact us via email or phone 7 am - 6:00pm CST.


Q. My customers like fragrance in the car wash soap. Do you offer a scented car wash soap?

A. While we don't offer a scented car wash soap, we can provide you with fragrances, which you can add when you mix the product. See FragranceSpike on Product Catalog page.

I would like to save money and try your car wash soap, but I have always bought the soap that my equipment manufacturer recommends and sells…are your products safe to use on any equipment?

A. Equipment manufactures know first hand the havoc a caustic soap can cause on equipment. Our products are specially formulated to be gentle on equipment including solenoids, valves, pumps, dispensing devices and pipes. However, if you have an agreement based on chemical purchases to offset service labor costs, recommend to your repair service that they contact us to purchase our products wholesale so you can buy from him!

Q. OK, I admit it…I flunked algebra in high school. I'd like to try your products and save money, but I don't know how to calculate my current soap usage and cost.

A. Click on Nifty Info and follow the instructions. If your still stumped, contact Donovan Trana and he can walk you though it.

Q. I use a brand of soap called SuperSat™. It has a liquid surfactant and a powder mix which is blended together to made soap. Do I need to make any changes when I switch to your super concentrated soap products?

A. Yes. The brown colored dual venture eductor that the metering tips are pressed into, will need to be replaced. Remove the 'T' connector and use just one black eductor, which you can purchase in our Product Catalog Page. The brown eductors used by the SuperSat™ system pull half the amount of product. Since you will be utilizing only one product for your soap mixture, you will need to use the larger capacity black eductor. You won't use anymore product, it's just that you are only pulling from one source. If you have more questions, contact Donovan Trana, and he will walk you through the process. It's very simple, and takes about 5 minutes to accomplish. Also see Nifty Info.

Q. I currently use a powder soap…it's pretty cheap, and it seems to clean OK. Why should I switch to a liquid soap?

A. We wouldn't argue that some powder soaps seem to be inexpensive to use…on the surface. The fact is, you pay a 'high' price over time. Here are some of the 'costs' associated with powder soaps:

  • Most powder soaps contain heavy doses of sodium hydroxide, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid and other caustic chemicals, which are cheap, and since they are using a powder base, they can 'hide' these components within inert 'fillers' to extend and dilute the product. Over time, these caustic chemicals take their toll on sensitive equipment components such as solenoids, valves, pumps, dispensing devices and pipes, driving up maintenance costs leading to down time and lost revenues.

  • There is a 'human cost' to operators as they mix these powders and breathe in the airborne particles and absorb the chemicals through the skin. Continued exposure to these chemicals causes skin irritations and allergic conditions, respiratory problems, and nervous disorders. Read the MSDS and observe the NFSA 'Diamond' and never allow a product in your operation, which has a health factor above '1'.

  • Consistency of the mixed product is a source of frustration for both operators and customers. It is very difficult to always get the same concentration of the product…a lot of 'guessing' goes on and this leads to wasted labor in a effort to monitor the titration of the product and loss of customers when the consumer tires of inconsistent expectations. Liquid soaps are simple to use and trouble free.

  • We've all had an occasional box of soap, which gets water contaminated and sets up like cement. Most car washes don't have separate storage rooms, so storage contamination is an issue with powders.


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